Make a Batcomputer video

Hey Logan and Wendell,

This might me too geeky even for you guys, but I was wondering what parts you guys would choose for Batman if he was building his Batcomputer with off the shelf parts.  I imagine there would be multiple motherboards and that one motherboard would be loaded with multiple GPUs for brute force decryption.  Batman is also big on matching things like fingerprints, voices, faces etc so I guess he would need a lot of fast HDDs.  I'd also be curious to know which OS you would choose for Batman, he doesn't seem like a windows kind of guy.  Or a Mac guy for that matter.

Basically I think it would be cool to list all the stuff you'd expect batman to use a computer for, and then all the parts he'd need to accomplish that.  




I like this Inbox question. I like this a lot. Much better than the "Logan help me with this build!" questions.