Majority of parts chosen, need help with a few


I have been thinking of building a computer for a long time now and just recently got to it. The thing is, I cannot find a good power supply to go with my build. I was looking at OCZ ModxStream and Cooler Master eXtreme Power but they both have their cons. 

I was thinking of this primarily: but I'm really not sure if it's compatible with the other parts.

Any help here? I'm looking for a fairly priced components to go with my build. My other parts that I have chosen are;

Intel i5 3570k Ivy Bridge - CPU

ASRock z77 Extreme4 - Motherboard

EVGA nVidia GTX 660 - Graphics Card

Cooler Master HAF 912 - Computer Case

Cooler Master Hyper 212 120mm Fan - Cooling

I'm also unsure if I want a SSD or HDD. I play games for several hours per day but I also make videos and graphics. SSD would be good for games and booting but HDD comes with the big storage. And no, I wont get a 500 dollar SSD for the extra storage.

 My budget is: under 800€ ($1000)

Any help would be appreciated.


I'm also deciding on 3 cases at the moment. The Rosevelt Challenger, CM Elite 430 and HAF 912.

Which one do you prefer?

I often recommend the XFX Pro 550W PSU: it's great value (and yes a good 550W supply is sufficient for you). Raidmax is a iffy brand.

My opinion on the SSD vs HDD is that you go with a mechanical HDD and get an SSD later if you feel like it and have the cash. From the cases I'd take the CM 430 but that's largely a matter of taste. It's Rosewill though, not Rosevelt ;)

All in all it looks good, I would like a bit more GPU in there, you could check for a good deal on a HD 7950, they go for really low prices sometimes and would be a better card.

For the case, I'd go haf 912, but again that's my preference, and it has a lot of features for the money (though I occasionally hear cable managing isn't fantastic. I upgraded to the new scout 2, seems a lot nicer.) Never heard of the rosewill case, but rosewill makes some nice things. All in all, look for cooling, cable management (ties in with cooling), and then make sure you have a cut out for a heatsink's backplate. Other than those, it's all visual preference. I also agree with spittis, a 7950 will be a little nicer, and at ~$280, the sapphire is a fantastic deal. Also yeah, go mechanical first, ssd later unless you have the cash.

Thanks for the comments.

Still looking for a little help! :)