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I figured this would be a good section in which to post, Many people are trying to learn new languages like Python or C, but once hey get in to them, they end up with a 'Now What' conundrum... Here's a list of projects that need maintainers and possibly could get you involved with a group of people who can further your learning and collaboration experience. I personally found the Python-mode, Python in VIM rather interesting...

We’ve all started a project and abandon it at one point. This repository shows a list of projects that are looking for new maintainers, because the current maintainer can no longer do so. If there’s anything in there you like, contact the owner!


This is a good idea!

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That's pretty awesome! Wish I woulda known about it when I was really into coding. It's been a while now. I am starting up classes for Computer Science though, so I'll definitely keep this bookmarked for when I start learning more.

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I'm about to start taking programming. I'll definitely keep this in mind.

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