Macros on Corsair M95 Gaming Mouse

I recently got a Corsair M96 Gaming mouse and am trying to some of the side buttons to record fraps and take screenshots.The issue is whenever I go into fraps and try to change the button I have to press it and it doesn't pick up that I'm pressing it. I think I've got all the proper mouse drivers installed and I have the Corsair M95 software. If anybody knows a way to set it up that way please share.

Have you looked into updating the firmware?

There is an option to run the mouse in software mode and hardware mode. If you select hardware mode, you might have a better chance of it working. Don't forget to update the mouse by going to "Manage Profiles," double clicking the leds (looking like •), and selecting "Save to M95" in the botten left corner.

Where is this option?

Well, I'm thinking you should set up the options in the M95 mouse configuration software and use what you've set there in FRAPS. So go into the mouse set up, select button 14. And click "Button Options," drop the menus down under "Basic Buttons," and select "Keystroke," press "+" (next to the drop down menus), enter "F9" (or "F10" for FRAPS). Then save that profile to the mouse:

Make sure Hardware Playback is selected. Click on "Manage Profiles," and then click the set of LED.

This window will pop up:

Just hit "Save to M95."

Now make sure FRAPS has "F9" set as either screen-capture or "F10" to record FPS. You should be good to go.

If you wish to make a multikeystroke macro, you need to press "MR" then select the button you wish to record that macro to. Finally press the keys you wish for it to record (like "Shift F12" and make sure FRAPS is the same).

thank you so much. if i could pay you i would. you explained that well and everything again thanks a ton have a great day.