Machine learning PC build in Fall/ Winter 2021 – What would you recommend for 3090 based system?

I’m a big fan of the YT channel and really have been learning a lot from @wendell there, so thought I’ll try out the forum too.

Situation: I’m an experienced data scientist (primarily R environment). I’m building a new PC primarily for dipping my toes into machine learning, and speeding up my data science workflow; gaming is a tertiary bonus.

The only part of the build I got is an MSI Suprim 3090 gpu, the rest is TBD. I postponed the build due to the CPU market being in a flux, so waiting for things to settle down. The 3090 was in the upper range of what my funding allowed, but I do want to build something that takes me to intermediate level ML and is somewhat future proof.

Question: what would you recommend (CPU, MB, etc.) for a machine learning PC build at this time (Fall/ Winter 2021) with a 3090 gpu?

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