Macbook Pro, Surface Pro or something else? *Doesn't have to include the word pro

Looking to get a new laptop soonish once I've started university and I'm able to get all them sweet discounts on hardware. So I've been busting an Acer S3-391 for the best part of a year and a half now, it's kinda falling apart. I'm looking to go all out this time and buy something that I can use to get all my projects done on, programming, video editing, web dev and some photo editing. I was looking into the Macbooks at first but I didn't really like their encryption options, you can only encrypt the OS X partition of the drive if you're running bootcamp and you can't run bitlocker. You also have to remember a password which you don't have to do on Bitlocker if you have a USB drive to hand. 

Then I started to look at the Surface Pro 3, it has no bloatware, pre encrypted so I don't have to faff around sorting stuff out and it has a nice display. Wendell did a nice review on here about it but I'm still undecided simply because I like the idea of having a solid shell all the way through, from screen to keyboard. It's easier to move around, place on your lap and you don't really need an uber flat surface for traditional laptops. 

So what I'm looking for is something between the £1000-£2000 range, willing to be flexible to some extent. Minimal to no bloatware as removal tools never get it all and I don't want to mess around wiping the drive just to get it how I want it. A semi decent keyboard for typing code, a nice trackpad so I can do some work on the train but I'll have a mouse when I'm home and most importantly 9+ hours of battery. I'm not a gamer so as long as I can do some light video editing the GPU isn't that important.

Any recommendations? 

A MacBook Pro is a good choice if you want something that does everything relatively well. Cons are it is very expensive and the latest versions of it are not particularly upgradable or as easily serviced as in the past. In a way, it's more consumer now, but OSX is a great day-to-day operating system.

I have one from 6 years ago and it still runs very well. I only replaced the battery after a few years use and one fan after 4 years use. Other than that it required no maintenance, but I have upgraded the hard drive and RAM to max it out.

I have had good experience with IBM think pads for work. Very reliable. They were taken over by Lenovo so if they have maintained the quality it should be good, but you'll have to examine which configurations are oriented to your intended uses. I would be looking at Lenovo if i were going to buy a laptop today.

The problem I find with macs is that the software you need for some classes is either not available or beta...

Lenovo makes some really good laptops and you can even get a large battery and have it last a day.

Or even the Asus laptops that are reviewed on this site.