MacBook Pro help

Hi all, I'm going to buy a MacBook Pro Retina 15 inch soon and was wondering if anyone has tried bootcamping Windows 8.1 on it and see how well it works? I'm very curious about the display scaling. Besides the display scaling, I am also curious to how well it plays games. The game I'm most curious about is smite. If anybody can help me that would be greatly appreciated.



I just have to know, why would you buy a Mac?

As far as windows goes and installing on a mac through Bootcamp. I've never had an issue with it. The only time you can run into problems is if there is no driver support. But Windows 8.1 should have no problem and all the drivers should be available. Drivers is the only real issue, but again, it shouldn't be an issue. Boot camp will actually ask you if you'd like to download the drivers when you start your Bootcamp installation.

And Smite should be able to run. Youtube search for others that have tried it. Or games similar. Someone out there has done what you're wanting to do. Games on Bootcamp run much much better than games in OSX if they support both platforms. I loved when I got my Macbook in 2009 because I had the quality of a Macbook and the simpleness. Plus I could boot into windows at Lan parties and play CSS or L4D and CoD2. Most laptops still can't get the track pad right, but I believe Apple dominated that part of the laptop. It's perfect and a big selling point to me.

Agree 100% 


+1 mate

I had issues with Windows 8.1 on my 13-inch MacBook Pro Retina.  I got it to work, but I had wonky driver issues.  If you want an OS that is perfectly stable that's not OS X on your Mac, it's Windows 7.  I put 7 back on my Mac after I got irritated with 8.1, for whatever reason not all of Apples bootcamp drivers support Windows 8.

I have the one with a dedicated graphics card. Unfortunately the 750m is a Kepler instead of a Maxwell card so the performance is not great. The scaling that I find the most usable, sets the resolution to 1680x1050. You can push most games if you keep it like that.

To be honest if you don't need the extra screen space or the quad-core, just go for the 13 and spend the extra 1K on a gaming desktop.

Scaling in Windows works fine most of the time except for the Steam interface. It's useable, just cheap and pixelated looking compared to the rest of the interface. Games seem to handle all the scaled resolutions without a problem.

I once slapped my boot SSD (8.1) into my old 2009 macbook pro just to see what happened (don't worry, I had it backed up). This is without bootcamp mind you, it spend about 10 seconds installing a couple drivers and went straight to desktop! The thing is that it didn't handle the trackpad or eject button very well, or the fan for that matter. It heated up quite quickly, though that might've been just the fact that its 5 years old.

I have a 2014 Retina Macbook Pro and I am having probs getting windows8.1 on it. I use bootcamp and get to installing windows 8.1 on the hard drive When it get to the point where I select which partition to install windows it says it cannot install on that partition because it is LVM. I have tried several times using bootcamp and the same error. I have tried formating the drive deleting and repartitioning in the windows install GUI. Still get that crappying cannot install windows on that partition. I guess I will try windows 7 tomorrow.