MacBook Pro 2880 x 1800 retina LCD as a self stand PC monitor

Hi, so there is this article (it's in Slovak language so sorry for that) But basicly what is there is that -


Slovak guy called Daniela Rozsnyó invented board with interface that can use 15.4"  220ppi MacBook Pro retina LCD as a PC monitor.

He is connecting it through display port. The power feed is anywhere betwen 9-18V. Backlight power consumption is 8W and LCD panel 2W. 

Daniel is also planing on making a stand for this LCD. In future he is also planing on adding HDMI or SDI. Board should cost about 99 bucks. He should start selling it in August.

He is showing it there

He is also primary working on a profesional 4k / UHD camera with not comprimed RAW record to 200 FPS with CMOS sensors from Truesense Imaging and it should have interesting price.


I guess Apple wont be pleased. And sorry for my english.