Mac VM Display Issues with Passed Through 1050ti

Hi everyone!

I just finished setting up my High Sierra VM in Virt-Manager using Foxlet’s macOS-Simple-KVM script tool.

I’m encountering an issue after I boot from clover - The screen is at some obscure resolution and is duplicated with separation in the middle.

lol macs are bad

The system will boot in High Sierra and the issue remains.
The system is seeing the 1050ti with 256mb of memory and the resolution is set to 800x600 with no other options.

I can not install any web drivers (the latest for 10.13.6) because its reporting that the system is not supported with the package.

Any help will be greatly appreciated!

Have you tried any other monitor? Maybe it just plays funny with macOS

Possibly, but changing monitors wont fix my driver issues I believe :frowning:

Check the build number. The Nvidia Web Drivers are SPECIFIC to BUILDS of macOS rather than version numbers. Click the version number in “About this Mac…” to see the build number.

Also, do NOT update the build to the latest security upgrade, which updates the build number to the latest one, and the latest 10.13.6 driver for the newest build is known to have severe issues.

You will also have to hide KVM because the Error 43 problem could persist on Mac VMs too. It certainly does affect Linux VMs, so do the Error code 43 workarounds.

After Web Driver installation, enable the Web Drivers in both macOS AND the CLOVER CONFIG.

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This has been my experience, as well. I have had success modifying a .plist (maybe it was info.plist?) with the correct build version.

For what it’s worth, I had a little easier time with the kholia/OSX-KVM repo.

Also, it’s a silly thing, but check the settings on your monitor; setting “stretch” vs “scaled” or whatever (“wide,” “full,” etc) could make a difference. It’s easy to overlook.

Hi Tim, I don’t mean to hijack your thread but I also happened to install Foxlet’s simple kvm under qemu.

It runs perfectly.

My issue is 2-fold:

[1] I can’t figure out how to run the vm using virt-manager. (it works perfectly when I launch it using the qemu script.)
[2] I’ve followed at least 7 tutorials on bridge networking and have yet to find a working result. This includes the networking documentation included with simple kvm.

Did you happen to follow a tutorial online which you can share here? Once I get bridge networking working I was hoping to add a gpu and get to the same point you’re at (minus the squish…)

Any help is appreciated.