Mac Support for Master Boot Record

Just wondering if anyone knows the first Apple computer or Apple operating system to support the Master Boot Record format.

I’ve done a bunch of searching, but haven’t found much.

Edit: Additionally, I’m not talking about in terms of booting, but rather just general storage usage.

I don’t think any of them do, ever since the switch from PPC to Intel, they’ve all used EFI, even the 32bit ones. The PPC Macs never used MBR, they used Open firmware. (Correct me if I’m wrong @FaunCB)
What are you trying to do?

Edit: f you mean the MBR partition table like your other post then I’d say all of them after PCs became a thing.

There’s a wiki article which answers your question on both of your threads.

They do support Master Boot Record and have for a while.

Do you have any reliable source to say that’s the case?

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It does not.

Down at the section ‘Intel-based Macs’

The macs I have messed with, which were all fairly modern (07+), have all been EFI. Unless theres older ones that work with MBR, which would make no sense to me, I dont think any of them work with MBR.

EDIT: from baz’s link

How does that answer the question?

That refers to booting, not general access/support.

Maybe re read it.



Your answer is whatever the first intel based mac was.

Edit: @Adubs beat me to it

Again, that only refers to booting.

ok, so then take a look at your own topic?

I’ll add to it. I thought that info was in this one as the same to the other.

Looks like OS X Tiger is when they gave the option in Disk Utility to change between layout formats, but I don’t know if that’s when they started supporting Master Boot Record.

None, technically. As @stenstorp correctly pointed out, they always used open firmware. Though you can nowmuse mbr with windows or linux in the intel macs, though idk why you’d want to.

Pretty sure at least since then, you can definitely format an MBR drive for storage since 10.5

If you’re asking if it can be actually used R/W, the answer is yes.

I had a Macbook a while ago, HDDs were formatted in windows (MBR) and worked fine as external drives on said Macbook.

If it can boot from it, it can read/write it, duh o_O

PS: What other MBR are you all alking about if not the Master Boot Record, I’m confused.