Mac Mini > USB-C to Displayport > KVM > Displayport to HDMI > Monitor does not work. Works with the other 2 comptuters ocnnected to the KVM

I’m using 2 of these

However - more issues. I switched to my work laptop for the first time since these changes today. Second monitor is stuck at 1024x768. I tried switching back to the other displayport > HDMI adapter which did solve the problem but that stopped display 2 from working on the mac again

Forgot to mention PC 1 works. Bit of a hail mary but I ordered the HDMI cable recommended by the manual that came with the displayport > HDMI adapter.

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Alright I decided to cancel the HDMI cable and return the adapter and just replace the entire monitor with one that does displayport because im tired of this nonsense lol

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Troubleshooting is pretty taxing lol tbh your setup was confusing me, I’m not sure what’s going on… let me know how you like the new monitor. Hopefully it fixes your issues