Mac Mini Server PC Compatibilty

I recently built a PC. It is the first one to enter the household in over 15 years.

I have two file servers, which are Mac Mini servers. My PC can see neither. I need to access them. I do have an Airport Time Capsule, which my PC can see fine with the Airport Utility installed, but these Mac Mini servers are both hooked up through Ethernet. Does anybody know why my PC can't see the Mac Mini servers? Please help me.

Don't know if this will help

I carried that out but no change. I know that it is very possible for PCs to see Macs, but I can't!! Help me!

Can you ping the severs? Probably but something I always test first. What kind of shares are you using for your mac mini server? like AFP or CIFS? ( I might be way off right now and please let me know if I am.) AFP is Apples filing protocol which I believe only Apple computers can access? (I would assume this is the default for Macs)

Also where it says "myserverip" in the photo, do you get any luck accessing the server that way?

This is how I connect to my CIFS shares so maybe this will help.

Never worked with a Mac server so someone please correct me if I'm totally off. 

Have you enabled Samba on your Macs?

I can ping the server, yes. I was able to mount a Mac mini (not a mac mini server) as a NAS, but that's not exactly what I intended. Getting the passwords to work was a pain. The server would not accept the passwords like it did from a Mac, I had to jump through hoops. I don't need the server anymore now, I have come up with an alternative.