M.2 Sata drive not working

Hello there,
I am currently building a 2400g ryzen system for my friend.
I told him to get a m.2 ssd so he got this western digital one.
I tested it on my laptop and it works fine.

However on the pc im building it isnt detected by bios or windows.
Im using the Gigabyte b450m ds3h .
Im pretty sure that it supports m.2 sata but it does support nvme primarily.
I tried updating to the latest bios but bios and windows still wont detect this ssd.

Any clues with whats wrong?

Go into BIOS and check if the slot is set to AHCI, if not, do it.

Tried that already, any other suggestions?

Wait, which ssd did he get?

Did you try NVMe?

I do not have an NVMe drive lying around sorry so I can’t test that.
The product page suggests that NVME and SATA are both supported.
The slot is labelled as M2A and it has the 1 slot with 2 notches for both types of ssds.

I’m suggesting to set the slot to NVMe in BIOS, can’t remember if you have to do that manually.

Also wondering which specific SSD were talking about.

Western digital blue 500GB sata m.2 ssd. The ssd is at my friends house atm so i dont remember the exact model.

It tried both modes nvme and ahci.

Aha, this motherboard won’t support a m.2 sata drive with a ryzen cpu in it.

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Could you link the website showing that piece of information I did’nt see anything like that in the user manual.

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Thanks so much, I’ve wasted so many hours testing this and playing with bios settings I feel vindicated knowing that i didnt break anything!

Any time. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Not sure how to haven’t used this website that much.

I thought it was implemented, but on second thought it might be a plug-in, I’ll take care of it.

Sure that sounds great thanks

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I think you may have misread that screen shot. Only SATA will work with those processors listed, not SATA will only work with those processors. With Ryzen SATA or PCIe/NVMe will work.

The reason why it calls out those processors is because they don’t have as many PCIe lanes as a Ryzen CPU, so when using any of those processors it will default to SATA only because of the zero PCIe lanes available to the M.2 socket. Ryzen will support NVMe or SATA.

If any other computers are available with an M.2 slot I’d suggest @Lightswrath101 try the SSD in the other computer. Likewise, if there are any other M.2 SSDs around I’d suggest trying one in the computer having troubles. If the WD Blue works in another motherboard or if a different SSD does not work in the Gigabyte board, then the Gigabyte board is likely the culprit. But if the WD Blue does not work in another motherboard or if a different SSD works in the Gigabyte board then the WD Blue is likely the culprit.

Also make sure the BIOS is up to date.

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Yeah you’re absolutely right, totally misread it.