M.2 NVME RAID 0 Boot Volume on AMD X570 motherboard stopped booting after AMD RAID Driver update. How to fix?

I’ve been using a generally stable 2x2TB PCIe Gen 4 M.2 NVME RAID 0 as my Windows 10 boot volume on my X570-based PC for a few months now. I recently realized that the related storport.sys driver was causing some bad DPC latency spikes in my system along with potentially my RTX 3090 GPU being in PCIe Gen 4 mode being a factor as well, also contributing to USB instability which made my Elgato Stream Deck constantly crash to the logo splash screen. I then forced my GPU to PCIe Gen 3 in my BIOS settings and updated my AMD RAID drivers from AMD’s website, in addition to installing RaidXpert 2 and StoreMI, also from the same AMD X570 download page. StoreMI actually failed to install for some reason and I just forgot about it honestly. As soon as I did those installations, my computer went into automatic repair mode after a restart and refused to boot again, and when I go to the command prompt in the recovery options, it does not recognize my RAID 0 array as an active volume, even though my BIOS still does. I’m thinking something got screwed up with the RAID drifver installation and I need to install good drivers to regain use of my RAID 0 array boot volume. Problem is that I need to boot into Windows to install the drivers in the first place, so it’s something of a catch-22. Is there any way out of this for me that doesn’t involve a complete wipe of my boot volume?

I feel like every time I try to fix an issue I’m experiencing with my PC which is ALWAYS an edge case thing since I seem to be a human edge case, I end up doing something that makes it way worse.

Can you use a Windows system restore point via the repair menus?

My only guess is that StoreMI displaced the AMD NVMe RAID drivers.

Note: You cannot combine StoreMI and AMD RAID, these are mutually excluding software features :frowning:

Does anyone know how to “remove” or “implant” third-party drivers from a Windows installation you cannot boot?

An option would be to install Windows 10 on an USB drive (Win-to-USB), boot from it, install the AMD RAID software/drivers (but no StoreMI this time) and then perform the magic that is needed to modify the drivers on the separate NVMe RAID volume which should then be accessable.

This is what I’ve been thinking. Just need to know what that “magic” is. And holy bejeebus, I wish there was some type of warning about StoreMI, it’s just another thing on AMD’s X570 Driver Download page and I was thinking this would help me.

And no, I get errors whenever I try to use a Windows restore point, because the recovery mode can’t even recognize the RAID 0 array.

Welp, ended up wiping the boot volume clean and now I have to install all my software from scratch, yet again. No more RAID 0 boot volumes for me, not when something like installing StoreMI can basically kill it.

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