M.2 E Key is in the way! Solutions? Notch the card?

Hmm, it seems like you are correct - there are E to M port adapters but I cannot find M to E.

That said… One solution could be to buy a proper WiFi module with E key instead?

That’s a wireless card…

If you look a couple of posts up I ordered an LR-LINK one, but the downside is that its a shorter card (Which is correct for this system) but the longer card would preferable for me to accommodate the connectors. Its also on 1Gb, which is a shame (Not that I have a 2.5Gb switch anyway)

In the end I did find the correct adapter

Sadly though, the 2.5Gb card would not work. It would show up, but it did not get a link and device manager gave an error that the device could not start

Weirdly, I put the same 2.5Gb card in the regular M.2 slot, and same issue. Got a replacement 2.5Gb card, same problem

Either both cards were bad, or there is some incompatibility. In the end I used the LR-Link 1Gb adapter, and I have ESXi going on here good. Because of the connector, the height of the card is an issue, but I was able to just sandwich the NVMe SSD in between the card and a disassembled SATA SSD. Its not pretty but it works



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I saw that 2.5Gb one he mentioned, but sadly its Realtek, so unsupported with ESXi

At least now I have a stack of adapters for my next project…

Choice I guess:
Spend relatively little on an adapter
Butcher your card and maybe it doesn’t work anyway.

Data safety is important, always put a condom on your nvme