M-100 vs HE-400, maybe HE-500? other suggestions?

 I want to buy a high quality pair of headphones to pair up with my dac which is a NuForce Icon DAC - what's the best option? I play battlefield a lot, so anything that puts emphasis on explosions and detail is a need, and I prefer a decent amount of bass for music and games too. 

the V-Moda M-100's seem to have really great reviews and everyone says the bass sounds amazing.  Would the HE-400 from HiFi man sound better overall?  would it be worth it step up to the HE-500?  how do the HE-400's compare to the HE-500's?


can't get a single response on a legitimate question, but the top forum post getting replies at the moment is someone actually wondering what car Logan is going to get? lol.  I give up on this site. 

I would get the HE-400's and 500's if you can swing it. There is really a huge upgrade going from the 4's to the 5's. And they should be pretty cheap now.