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Lvmcache - a simple how to


  • You already have a working OS
  • This is new storage being added
    ** (or) if you already are using lvm you could just enable a cache device for existing logical volume

My supplies:

  • 4TB WD Red Drive
  • 280G Optane (pick your poison, this is mine)

Important thing to note about how you handle your lvm storage in the future:

  • Expanding your large/slow LV in the future will need to be handled with care if you do not use every bit of the drive you are using for lvmcache



1. Setup physical volumes & volume group

#this is my wd red drive (slow PV)

pvcreate /dev/sdc
vgcreate localred /dev/sdc

#this is the optane drive (fast PV)

pvcreate /dev/nvme0n1
vgextend localred /dev/nvme0n1

2. Create logical volumes

#creating the slow & large LV

lvcreate -n red4tb -L 2t localred /dev/sdc

– Feel free to format the LV & mount it as you wish at this point –

#take note that the PV is specifed when creating the fast LV

lvcreate -n cac0 -L 100g localred /dev/nvme0n1

#take note that the PV is specifed when creating the metadata LV

lvcreate -n met0 -L 122m localred /dev/nvme0n1

3. Setup the cache

#creates the cache by combining the cache and meta LVs

lvconvert --type cache-pool --poolmetadata localred/met0 localred/cac0

#combines the cache and slow LVs

lvconvert --type cache --cachepool localred/cac0 localred/red4tb

check your work #it will take some time for your cache to start filling up

4. Enable writeback mode

#check the mode (default is writethrough)

lvs -o+cache_mode localred/red4tb

#change the mode

lvchange --cachemode writeback localred/red4tb


My results


The blue line is what wait I/O looked like before I changed the write mode to writeback

Now see how it looks after a few days, since I change write modes


Two days.

Today and part of tomorrow.

Cache still continues to grow… performance is very nice.


I may be addicted to lvmcache
…just repurposed two old drives I pulled from my old x58 desktop back when I sold it
to create another lvmcache

hi i was following this tutorial then got stuck on lvconvert output

Volume group “VG” has insufficient free space (61 extents): 512 required.

any ideas?

Free up or add space

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freed space on fast storage = didnt work


freed space on slow storage = tada!!! it worked

thanks :smiley: