Lutris: why is an account necessary?

I’ve been hearing a lot about Lutris as an easy way to install and configure Wine games under Linux. But as convenient as that all sounds, they require an account and password to use the installer. This seems unnecessarily intrusive to me. Why do I need a 2nd account on top of my Steam account to install a game? My first suspicion is that they’re monetizing it somehow, and my other concern is what safeguards they’re using to protect account credentials and info. Does anyone know if it’s a for-profit organization, and if so what their business model is?

That’s easy. There site says it’s a client server model. The client on your computer connects to their web services which provides all the interaction and UI etc. It works like steam.

Ive also never heard of it before. They have no terms of service or privacy policy, which also means they almost certainly violate the GDPR. While it’s all open source, being open source is no excuse for no handling user data properly.


Its a team of like less than 5 people who do this in their spare time. They have a patreon, but otherwise its not for profit. They rely on donations.

The poidnt is that you configure it to login to poll your steam games, as well as configure your other games and you can pull it from any machine.

Of course, you don’t actually need to use it. Its just convenient.

Its a good program, makes using wine just a little bit more easier, which is a good thing since it can be an extreme learning curve to get things working their best.

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