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Lumaforge Jellyfish - What is this thing?



Someone asked me about one of these today. I’ve never seen a piece of server hardware with so little/nonexistent technical detail. Does anyone know what’s actually under the hood in this thing?


Apple-esk design, photos that do not really relate to the subject and no tech specs. Looks like a product for Apple people.
Spec wise, there is nothing:

Will look for info elsewhere, but I can´t promise anything.

That is not a PSU I would want in a server/NAS environment…


I read a review of that one somewhere and it mentioned that it cost $8k… so that’s nuts.


That puts in in competition with the proper servers (HPE ML350 G10 & Supermicro 4028GR-TR2).


Will it let me run Win 7 on a thread ripper?


Will what let you run Win7 on TR?
You are a bit cryptic here.


I run Win7 HP 64bit on a Ryzen7 1700X on an ASRock X370 Gaming K4. You either need to bake in USB3.0 drivers into the Win7 .iso before attempting installation (can´t boot from USB, so make sure to get an internal DVD drive). And PS/2 mouse&keyboard will also make your life easier.
As for Threadripper, if it is not worse, the pain during installation will be about the same.


I run Win 7 U on an ASUS X99-E WS. I didn’t have to bake or slip stream anything but then that’s one of Intel’s few advantages on vintage CPUs. Funny you should mention PS2 as that was one of my first complaints about this system board – there wasn’t any. I love the potential, options, possibilities etc. Thread Ripper offers but swallowing that Win 10 pill just ain’t workin’ so good.

Thanks for the advice