Lucky (ha ha) owner of a Seagate 3TB here - what should I do?

In December I got myself a Seagate Barracuda 3TB (ST3000MD001).
At the end of January I found this article:
And now it even got mentioned on The Tek

I really don't trust my HDD.
Do you think I can send the HDD back to Amazon (Germany) simply because it has a really high failure rate (and get my money back)?

Also, which HDD should I choose (2TB is fine)?

While tests like that are good to take in to consideration for future purchases it does not mean that your drive is guaranteed to fail by year end. They have a lot of hdd that they are constantly using and stressing. This is probably more stress than you or I will be placing on our drives. Some people like to rag on Seagate reliability but my personal experiences have been totally opposite theirs. I have a bunch of old Seagates and never had a problem with them. Two of my 2TB drives have over 13,500 hours on them which is well over the mtbf. In contrast I have a large stack of failed WDs in my closet.

I doubt you would be able to return it anyway. I think your options are to use it or sell it and buy something else.

No, Amazon won't take buyer's remorse as a valid refund reason.
Use your drive, don't expect the worse but do have backups of all your important information. Maybe it won't fail and you're just diminishing your overall experience over fear. At least that's what my therapist says.

You should continue to use the disk but keep a good backup of your data. The backup part you should be doing regardless of what disk you have.

I personally would not trust any single HDD.