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Wendell will be in Vancouver on July 27th and 28th for LTX! (Krista wanted to go but is trapped by wedding planning. Ryan will be at home with his cats, as is his rightful place.)

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These past couple of months have been like “Wendell’s world tour”.


Let’s be real, Ryan just didn’t want to step foot in Canada


Too cold probably?

Ryan is a man who won’t limit his magazine capacity for a silly country.


I fricken love it… keep the content coming!

Hey @wendell I still have one of the Nikola Tesla shirts from back then. Would you be down to sign it if we meet up?


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She could have called in a sick. :stuck_out_tongue:

I bummed outside the con and got to meet der8auer and Steve of GN. I wanted to go in with cash in hand but they didn’t take at the door registrations.

Edit: Luck be a lady tonight… got a 2 day pass in the nick of time.

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Met SO many people today. Got 40mins of footage so far, and even got in a snapshot from @eposvox!

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Got this moment between der8auer and Steve of Gamers Nexus:

And on Streamable for better quality:

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I met more than 200 fans… I lost count around 350 I think… and I have written my name on mor than 200 items at this point. Craycray. :smiley:


Thats cool now we should get some of them to the forums,
if they aren’t a member already :smiley:

Gonna be fursuiting today at LTX. Keep an eye out for this fursuit: (will be Bojack Horseman style, without a tail)

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thanks everyone that made it to ltx!

I still struggle at being social so sorry if I seemed weird. But it was really awesome hearing about whatall everyone is up to.


You were fine. I had difficulty with new people too, but you get used to it the more conventions you go to. I was happy to be your wing raccoon.

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Steve of GN explains a silicon wafer in this clip I shot:

(Twitter somehow flagged this as sensitive content when I natively uploaded the video, had to upload it to Streamable.)

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