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LTO 5 tape LTFS GUI integration Linux Workstation / dailydriver

I’ve a desktop/workstation with modern CPU/MB , an external LTO-5 tape drive and cartridges and a fully functional SAS HBA working on Windows 8.1 for backups via LTFS native Windows Explorer integration. I’d like to retire Windows entirely and move to a Linux OS on the desktop as a daily driver and keep my ability to backup to tape from the GUI (file explorer equivalent)

I’d like to to use LTFS on a Linux daily driver workstation (not a dedicated server) used to edit and save/backup large video and digital camera RAW files, and I had some questions regarding how feasible this is:


  1. what software on Linux with GUI access can you recommend?

  2. what Linux distro flavors have better support for LTO, LTFS and backup software; Debian, RedHat, OpenSUSE, other?

  3. Does anything on Linux compare to the Windows Explorer folder drag-and-drop GUI-based LTFS support that you get on Windows 7/8/10 etc?

Any help with resources much appreciated!