Low Profile Single Slot GPU?

I have another weird hardware question for you all. Does anyone on here know of a single slot low profile (half height) GPU with more than 4GB of VRAM?

I’m trying to build a system in a SuperMicro case I had laying around (used to have a Xeon-D system in there until it died). I like the case and thought it would make a neat mini gaming & productivity rig. The issue is of course there is only room for a single slot & half height GPU.

it’s not got more than 4GB of ram but the amd wx 3100 is low profile and single slot, might there be a model with more ram?

Can find more if you want more options but seem to be a few

I think 4GB is all you get in LP format.

The GTX 1650 is probably the fastest card in that form factor (half hight, dual slot).

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