Low Profile 1050 TI!

1050 Ti's come with a power connector, i'd say 75W is cutting it tight. But even though it only uses 37.5% less power, it performs 60-70% worse...and the price is $20-50 cheaper depending.

Although the 1050 Ti destroys the RX 460, the 950 was trading blows too, so it isn't saying much, says more about how bad Polaris 11 was.

All of these have no power connector. And no it doesnt perform 60-70% worse at most its 40%, and the rx 470 isnt offered in a low profile model because it draws more power. Hell even the rx 460 isnt offered in LP

Still uses 75W though, and no, look at the benchmarks, mostly 60-70% as powerful if that, it's barely more than half as powerful.

The RX 460 hasn't been offered in a low profile yet (and considering Vega, it might never happen anyways since it wouldn't be worth anyone's time given the RX 460). The RX 460 also uses only 75W, so how can a 1050 Ti be offered in low profile when the 460 can't. And it's not heat, the RX 470 usually sits at around 75 C at it's hottest.

none of those are low profile. you got me all excited, for nothing


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the 1050 ti will, and thats one of its major selling points. Also there are none on the market yet so i can't, though the MSI lp one also doesnt have external power. Check the 4th picture.

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I didnt say the 460 couldnt be offer in LP im saying that it isnt and no one has announce anything about making ones that are.

And no the rx 470 is not consistently 50% fast more in the 30-40% but it also draws a hell of alot more power.

These have recently started to appear in retail. Newegg/amazon.com doesn't even have them as a product page yet, but they've appeared on a few German retailer's websites. None of them have any in stock yet, though one says "availability expected for 2016-12-15"

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Holy moly, imagine how tiny a PC can get with that GPU. The cooling and aesthetics are also very generous considering the size.

a payday. how convenient.

inb4 PCs become laptops
Just you wait, someone will sell a case sooner or later with a battery and screen built in

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halfway there. https://www.quietpc.com/mono-aio

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That's a pretty bad AIO case, though. The GPU just sticking out like looks a bit silly - probably designed long before riser cables became common? Origin's omni shows that modern AIO's can be fully featured PC's without looking like that :)

Ohhh-Oh! We're living on a pray-er!