Low Profile 1050 TI!

Great for those cheap low-profile acquisitions because most off-lease computers are low profile.


Well, at least a 1050 Ti now has a reason to exist, that and the laptops that may have this GPU. Otherwise an RX 470 and a GTX 1060 3 GB would be much better.


I have the 750Ti Variant of this card. Did damn well and easily pushed 1350 on the core and +400MHz on the memory.

I just sold my LP 750 Ti a week ago. Great timing, haha.

This particular 1050 Ti seems to be a bit longer than the MSI 750 Ti LP I have. However, the shroud and fans look identical.

Nevertheless it should be one heck of a upgrade for prebuilts and such.

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Want to see how much this thing is going to cost.

I also want to see what these companies can do with the RX 460, because their little demo they did showed a single-slot cooler with a tiny tiny heatsink.


Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. I remember seeing you comment on my post about the possibility of low profile cards.

I am fairly amd biased and even I would get the 1050ti low profile over the 460 low profile any day of the week

Unless the 460 gets a bit cheaper or that low profile ti is horribly price gouged then it is no contest

The GTX 1050 Ti is kind of unreasonably priced, may as well save $50 and get a GTX 1050 or spend $20-30 more and getting an RX 470. The half slot card is my only incentive.

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I didn't see anything about it coming with a half-height bracket... If it doesn't, then what's the point? There are plenty of OEM machines that come in cases that need half-height cards, and next to nothing that has a half-height card for a reasonable price or performance. I know that it could easily be chopped up, but that would be a great thing to include.

Having sawed off brackets in the past to make cards 'fit' I dont think lack of a half height bracket is a problem for me :D

Slight clarification is that my decision is PURELY around the low profile aspect.. if that wasnt part of the decision making then of course... 470 ftw

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Well, my problem is that GPUs on the low end segment have BARELY improved, it has stagnated so much. The GTX 1060 and 1070 FAR outclasses the 960 and 970. The RX 470 and 480 outclasses the R9 280X.

The RX 460 may outclass the R7 360 and 260X, but those cards were never impressive in the first place, the 750 Ti was already beating those cards out, the 950 was stomping them. As for the GTX 1050, it's barely better at all than the 950, except 75W instead of 90W.

Could not agree more. I was surprised how well the 1050 does in newer games like Doom, even better then a 770. At that price point 50 bucks is one third the price.
Better gpu's don't seem to help me from getting creamed in CSGO.

anyone heard news about a release date? I haven't found anything online. : (

The equivalent 750-Ti-based SKU's from MSI had half-height brackets included in the box, iirc.

Sadly I haven't seen these pop-up anywhere yet, either. I'm currently running a 750 Ti low profile in my SFF (~5L) build and a 1050 Ti would be a nice little upgrade.

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i would take the 750ti if the 1050 wasn't right there around the corner. beginning to think it won't be before christmas though.

the 1060 is alot more expensive and the rx 470 draws a substantial amount more power.

RX 470 TDP: 120W
GTX 1060 3 GB TDP: 110-120W



Im comparing hte 1060 to 1050 ti in price, and the rx 470 to 1050 ti in power consumption. the 1050 ti draws less then 75w (unless the model adds an extra power connect but I haven't seen any of them yet).