Low power distributed storage setup

Been wanting to dip my toe into the sea of distributed storage... something like ceph.

Going to put together 3 low power mini ITX systems.

The plan:

ASRock N3150-ITX
APEX MI-008 case
(going to try to fit 4x WD red 1TB 2.5inch drives in that case)

Thinking either CentOS or Proxmox for the OS, going to use a USB 3.0 drive for the OS.
Just waiting on the remaining parts.

I'll try to post some pictures later.

I got the 3 machines setup and booting off a usb drive... but I dont like the slow writes of the drives. (the usb drive was used so I could use all the sata ports for storage hard drives)

I cant find a decent priced pcie ssd nor a budget mpcie ssd....so:
I think I may change it around to have the nodes run root from an ssd with iscsi and just boot from the usb drives.