Low GPU Utilization in games and framerates with 456.71

Since I updated to the latest gameready drivers on my laptop (RTX 2080 Max-P), I have been getting random framedrops on most games. On Warzone, with all settings on ULTRA, my average framerate used to be around 140 fps, and now I get frequent dips to 30 fps. Far Cry 5 stays around 65 to 70 fps, and GPU utilization is always under 8%. I tried using several older drivers, after using DDU to remove the updated drivers, but nothing seems to help.

Anyone else experiencing these issues? It doesn’t seem to affect when I play something on Linux though. I have noticed that Metro 2033 is showing some graphical glitches recently, but Remnants, BL2, Hitman (2020) all run just fine, with the expected framerates. I ran GPUPI, and from what I can tell things seem to be okay…

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