Low gpu usage when playing battlefield 4

hello everyone.

When i play bf4 multiplayer at high settings 1080p with my 7870xt my gpu usage drops to 60-70% resulting the fps to drop t0 40.Max temps for the gpu is 75 degree celcius

here are my specs

fx8350 at 4.6ghz

7870xt at 1106mhz core and 1582mhz memory clock

8gb of ram 

enermax naxn 650w psu

asus m5a99xevo r2.0

are there any action that can be taken to increase the gpu usage.

Thanks a lot

i set to 200fps i believe.for the 2nd question.I'm not sure


What temperature is the 8350 running at?

54 degree celcius.Pretty hot here in Malaysia

Under load? That should be fine.