Low CPU and GPU utilization in games

Hey guys, My gaming rig performance is crap. Only giving me about 50% of what it should.
I’ve been having this issue for some time, curious if its normal or if anyone has any insight.

Any game I run only uses 30 - 40% CPU & GPU. Tarkov, Fortnite, Call of Duty.

Heres what I’ve done.
Changed windows Power Plan to “high Performance”
Change PCI Express link state power Management to “off”
Change Nvidia Power Management mode to " Prefer Max"
Tested Gsync on and off
Checked temps (GPU around 50c in games and CPU 60c in games.)
Watching all of the CPU cores, the highest load is on core1 49% usage max)
Checked games for FPS limiters (tarkov is 144. I get around 128fps on medium at 1080p and 1440p)

My stats are

Windows 10 and 11 (tried both)
AMD 3600 (water cooled)
Nvidia 3090 Water cooled (plus fan pointed at the backplate to cool the vrms)
64GB of 3600 Ram
Asus Prime 570-p (latest bios from last march)

That is odd, my system is similar to yours, and I can easily peg my GPU with games.

Here is an example of my system running 7 days to die at 4k resolutions with everything cranked up to max.

As you can see, the 3090 is basically pegged, and the 1080 is also helping out a bit. (yes I have both a 3090 and a 1080 running at the same time… don’t question it ;D )

If you are curious what my specs are, here is a link to my build.

I would suggest to test at 1440P highest settings to get a better picture.
And you can do a 1080p highest settings run as well.
Of course you gonna hit a cpu limitation with a RTX3090 at low res with a R5-3600 cpu.
Your gpu utilization should be allot better at 4K resolution.