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Lost at C - Devember 2019 Challenge

This year’s devember I will be ticking an item off my bucket list by creating a videogame.

This game, inspired by TIS-100, is a assembly programming game, where the player writes code to repair damaged subsystems. In this devlog I will document my progress during Devember, but I may obscure some details, to avoid too many spoilers for the finished game.

Devember usually stipulates an open source Repo for the project. However given the nature of the project I will be keeping my Repo closed this year. I may opt to open source the game once it’s complete but I am not ready to make that decision yet.


Please be encouraged to post gifs and snippets of code though.

Looking forward to your project.


lol sorry, .gif's

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Are you going to explore the conspiracy aspect of it? Really wish that game had dived deeper into that. It drives me crazy every time I play it because there are so many unknowns.

It has its own self contained story.

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Badass :+1:

Day 1 (Ugrhh is it December already edition):

Ugrhh!? Is it December already?

I’ll be honest I had more motivation and excitement for this last month. I spent like 3 hours yesterday sorting the admin for the central Devember Thread, and now some of that excitement has leached out.

As I write this I am waiting for the rust toolchain to install on my server. I learnt last time around that to be successful at this you need to be able to develop easily, So only having access to the source on my desktop isn’t going to cut it. Of course it occurs to me that my server doesn’t have a GPU, and trying to link an OpenGL application on a headless machine could be a pain in the ass.

False starts: 1

I am now updating the toolchain on my laptop and copying the source across. Trivia while I wait for it to copy: This is the 6th time I have tried to start this project. Once I even tried to build it in Unreal.

One copy and two compiles later, and boom:

Hmm I swear I made more progress than this last time I was working on this? Whoops… Wrong Repo…

False starts: 2

Ahh that’s better, I remember that error. I was building a font handling package.

I spent the next two hours trying to fix that bug. I Don’t like the freetype bindings.

That concludes day 1. I am already pretty burnt out.


How’s day 3 looking?

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Knock knock…(door creaks open)
“Time to get up and get cracking”…


Yea I am burnt out. Never got past day 1.

Will try again at the weekend


Hang in there! Drop by drop the bucket gets full!

Hey it’s not an easy language I can honestly say I spent hours when I was learning it. It’s been I think a good few days trying to get a double linked list to work. :joy:. It sounds hilarious but that’s just the reality of this language so hang in there. Not to mention you decided to create a video game in C. So my hats off to you that’s a task :slight_smile:

So what I’m finding is if I break it out into steps and I look at those steps and I put them on each day the whole ordeal becomes more manageable and it doesn’t have to stop because December stops.

if you’re successful I definitely will put my hat in saying that you definitely won the challenge … this seems like the hardest task yet

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