Lost and Confused (Set me on the right path)

Okay I've been browsing the forums here and different builds of pc's and a couple are definitely intriguing me.  However,  I just don't know if they are the right builds for someone like me.  I'm not gonna lie its basically a machine to run Bioshock Infninite i'm not expecting all maxed settings maybe its best to ask when the game releases next week to see more or less where I would stand with around $800 of money to spend.  I don't have a monitor either so hell a $1000 total with a monitor included.  I'm kinda nervous about this but I guess it's best to just tackle this head on, any help along the way I'd really appreciate it!  I found the site through youtube and was guessing i'd follow those builds idk i'm just holding the gun unwilling to pull the pc gamer trigger.

pc gaming is the best exprience ever, just dive in and youll be glad you did