Looks like im buying a Wii U

So my favourite games franchise of all time (Monster hunter) is releasing monster hunter ultimate which is looking pretty damn good. This franchise is the only thing i would buy a console for its the reason i bought PS2, PSP,Wii, PS VITA and now the Wii U.

However Monster hunter also have a Pc game called Monster hunter frontier which i would really love to play had they not made it asia exclusive! It hurts my head so bad because I love this game so much!! And i can only advise   anyone who has the chance to play a Monster hunter game to give it a shot.

If wanted a few days after release here in the uk (march the 22nd) i can give it a review and stick it on here! >.< if anyones interested.


Thanks Jonathan.

It's not recommended to purchase a system only for a single game...though I have no room to talk, as I did that with the Zelda games on the 3DS and Wii (and they both turned out to be fantastic consoles in many respects).

All I can really say is, good luck and I hope that the Wii-U is better to you than it is to most people thus far.


I would reconsider more than twice before spending any money on the Wii U.

...I love Ashens and I love you for directing the user to Ashens.

"its not recommended to purchase a system for a single game" >.< that made me laugh as thats all i have ever done for this game =P and i dont care what others think of the system ive tried it and concluded that i dont care so long as i can play Monster hunter 3 Ultimate. 

Yes to some people this is a waste but im more of a collector/player oh this game and that means i have to have the game and ofc the console it plays on.

i have every version of monster hunter Available in europe and have a vast majority of japan exclusive stuff to do with ths game. its like some poeples Zelda Or elder scrolls.






i did the same with the ratchet and clanck series brought a ps2 and ps3 to play the games lol.

probbably will buy a ps4 aswell if they release more of the series.

that's why there is

  • The new yoshi game
  • Wind waker HD
  • The new LOZ game coming out
  • Bayonetta 2
  • The wonderful 101
  • Pikmin 3
  • hopefully an decent metroid game

I got my PS3 for MGS4, Its being hacked was just icing on the cake

Isn't the PC version Jap only?

I really, really detest Capcom for shutting off the rest of the world here.

Monster Hunter is one of the best series I've ever played. 

Strifist I LOVE YOU and im sure its south korea and japan that have mh frontier (pc version). strifist also if you have a wii and monster hunter tri give me your username and such il add ya =P and if your gonna get/got a wii u then again tell me =[) glad to play with some more folk.

and gigabuster windwaker is deffo something i want i have the original first one what i really want though is a mint copy of majoras mask =PPP nearly got one for £200 boxed in factory seal QQ missed the sale. pikmin also epic Fuck It i love nintendo games hahaha. 

Hahahaha xD

Nope bro, sorry...infact I tried finding tri all over retail for about two years with no luck...

I love freedom unite and portable 3rd though! 

very nice. =P and unlucky where are you located? it was hard to find here in the uk (i got the special edition pack but its unoppened) so i had to order it online =/


You forgot Mario Kart, Smash Brothers, a new 3D Mario game, a load of indie games, and Monolith's X (or Xenoblade 2 or whatever the hell it is). Just saying :P