Looking to upgrade my RAM but I don't really know where to start

I built my computer about just over 2 years ago and i have upgraded other key parts to it since but now i think its time to upgrade my RAM. I have 8GB of Corsair Vengeance RAM, I believe its these:


I'm looking to upgrade to 16GB but should i just buy 2 more sticks of the same i got or buy completely new ones, even better ones? Primarily im upgrading for the WItcher 3 when it comes out but its also the last component to my computer that i haven't upgraded. So should i buy a higher performance RAM or just stick with what i got? Im willing to spend about $125 for new RAM if its a better option than buying the same old RAM i have. Feel free to link some suggestions from newegg.com

nothing wrong with grabbing 2 more sticks of what you have the timing and latency are not bad and price is good.

I agree. Just fully populate your board. I'm no expert but I think you will get better performance from a fully populated MB than faster ram sticks. The speed difference in performance is very small anyway.

Most games dont use much memory but OS caching of disk files will help with more ram.


I concur. Unless buying more of the same RAM and populating your board for some reason costs more than buying new sticks go for populating your mobo.