Looking to setup new systems for my home office

hello community.. greetings from Sohail Ali.. i am looking to setup two systems for my home - office in the next couple of weeks or so. I would request you to give in your valuable suggestion/feedbacks for the same

the first one is a dedicated gaming rig for ~$16000

- i am looking to build a eyefinity setup for this rig.

- please note that monitors, keyboard, mouse and headset is inclusive in the price of $16000.

- would it be advisable to pick up 4k resolution monitors for this build? If yes please suggest the same and if there are mods to run it on 60fps please make a note of the same.


the second one is a dedicated workstation for ~16000

- eyefinity setup is preferable, however, i am open to suggestions.

- please suggest monitors, keyboard and mouse.

- would it be advisable to pick up 4k resolution monitors for this build? or would it take a toll of the gpu's to render at such rate?

- lastly, i would want to know which one is better - intuos 5 or a cintiq 24hd touch, keeping in mind that if there is a possibility of using a 4k monitor for the build.

for the first build try to look for the amd a10 7850k with a crossfire of r9 290x, a good audio card with beyerdynamic/audio technica/sennhiser headphone, 16 gb of kingston predator ram, msi a88xm, dual ocz vertex 4 raid 0 (maybe with raid controller) and a seagate or wd hard disk, for the psu corsair(avoid thetx series), antec, seasonic are the one wich you should look for. I don' t think that three 4k monitors will be a good choice, so look for something at 1080 p with very little border, try to see on the benq,lg and asus site. for the gear pick keyboard and mouse from the same manufacter, i suggest you razer, steelseries, logitech and corsair.

For the workstation, go with an intel i7 on an asus mobo, lots of ram, nvidia graphic card with lots of cuda core or the quadro series and for the rest, it is the same of the previous build, but i think that for a workstation, three monitro are useless, and if you want, you can think about make an hackinstosh, beacause mac software is build with productivity in mind