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Looking to replace my Mafiti peice of crap keyboard


For a while now I’ve been suffering this keyboard:

I like rubber dome keyboards for the fact that they’re nearly silent. And also i like typing on them. I can’t stand mechanical keys. For some reason I can never get used to them.

Also, this keyboard is just too damn small. God it just throws me off. I’m used to something like the old logitech keyboards that had the lcd screen on them. And a wrist rest.

But everything I’ve looked at lately, is geared toward small, and compact. And I can’t stand it.

So anyone have any suggestions? Thanks in Advance.



something like this might do the trick…?

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Dude! They made a new one!? Hell yeah! The old one was awesome! Thank you!!



Lol there are a bunch like that. Just search ergonomic keyboard and that’s the general style that shows up. Wireless or wired. Bunch of different options. Good luck!



No, i mean the microsoft ergonomic has always been a rock solid keyboard. But then all they made was the wireless ones, which weren’t so great. But then they stopped making them for years. glad they’ve brought it back.



Oh gotcha I’m tracking now. Cheers!



Yeah, as soon as i saw that, i got one from work. It’s really great.
I have no experience with the old ones though. Keys are certainly stiff and the spacebar can be tough to press off center. I’m surprised by how tactile it is for a rubber dome keyboard. I have moved to it from my Cherry MX-Board. Can’t say i regret that. Plus, all the Extra Buttons conform to standards, so work in Linux without some fancy ass gaming software attached. They are just recognized as standard XF86 Buttons.