Looking to host my own music on my server, suggestions?

So I’ve seen ampache, plex, madsonic, and subsonic be thrown around, I’m a tad confused and there is nothing solid on the subject, what is the best way to self host your music streaming? Ampache seems like the best way to go in terms of getting my hands dirty with LAMP configuration, as wendell has shown for uses of a personal server.

I had used ampache a while back… it worked great. I miss it.

Should I take this as an answer?

I used to host it internally.
Then use it over an ssh tunnel going thru my RPi

I use plex, it grabs meta data and art, i have transmission set to a temp dir outside plexs scope/dirs and before transmission finishes i change the file/downloads folder to what ever media it is, after that 1-5 mins latter its no only on plex but has all the metadata and art already. very painless.

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I use Subsonic, and it works out pretty well. You can access it through a browser or one of a variety of apps http://www.subsonic.org/pages/apps.jsp

The choice of server type you use may depend on the clients you want to connect to it.

For instance, if you want to use Plex on the client, you will need to use Plex media server.

That being said, I use Plex with FreeNAS 9.3. When Plex works, it is wonderful, but it’s pretty buggy, at least on FreeNAS. I cannot speak for it on other operating systems.

I’m using ubuntu server LTS, my mmv regarding not using a bsd, I saw elsewhere that plex is buggy and other more dedicated servers are better suited, but plex seems like overall the cleanest solution

I use deezloader, probably would be easier to just go onto transmission so I don’t FTP the files over from deezloader on my laptop, in its current incarnation switching to private trackers is probably the future.

I use Plex for this too. Works great. Plex server is on a Nvidia Shield TV, which also hardware-transcodes video. Works great.

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what are you running this on? i run transmission on the same server thus the temp folder is on the same “disk” as the pelx dirs

being on the same drive is a move and not a transfer of any kind



havnt used it but it seems to work.

I have had cherrymusic running without problem for a few months
very simple setup for my better half to access my music collection

I’ve used Subsonic for years, but have started using Libresonic now since Subsonic is no longer open source after version 6.0 beta. It still works pretty much the same. The same apps work for it and you also have the advantage of being able to easily give people access if you want. Apparently there is another fork called Airsonic which is also based on the last open source version of Subsonic.

I also have plex but I think subsonic or it’s derivatives work better for just streaming music.

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So much sonic, I hadn’t heard of half of them. I have played with subsonic and madsonic, since there are plugins for both in Plex. Both however had things I might have found useful locked behind paywalls. i mainly wanted a headless server to maintain my library of music, tag management, mobile syncing etc.
Never found anything though. I tend to run programs on my computer to manage everything over the network instead.

I feel like it’s worth giving Plex another shout out. I’ve been using it for years and can’t think of anything to complain about with it. I set up a FreeNas server for about 15 minutes, decided to go with Ubuntu 16.04 with a zfs raid pool for storage, plex, and transmission; never looked back!

Something else that might be worth trying is emby server.

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