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Looking to get into War hammer 40k


Hi was looking to get into war hammer and was looking for some general knowledge to see if i would want to get into it. I see people play it all the time at my local card shop and the game looks really in depth and awesome.

  • Would it be better to go for metal or plastic
  • Were could i grab a cheap army to try the game for like $100 to $150 (US) or would it be more cost efficient to build my own?
  • Can i mix factions to form my own coalition army?
  • How is the quality of the figurines? do they break easy?
  • What is a good point total to start with?
  • Are the figurines easy to paint and to assemble or would it be good to have some one else do it ?
    (i might have more if i think of more but for now that's it)
    thanks in advance


My suggestion is if you are just curious and want to see if you'd like the game; ask the group of people playing if you could play one of them in a small skirmish using some of their models to test the waters out.

Before you get an army, get a copy of the rulebook and read it. Then browse the Codexes(Army books) and see what army fits your play style, or ask around and someone could suggest one. I play Space Marines and Necrons. Space Marines are fairly noob friendly, but shine when you really get to know the army. Necrons are fun, but hard to play right, I also haven't played them with the most recent codex.

For getting an army up and running quickly, check out ebay. It might be hard to find a complete army for 100-150 bucks. Starting from the ground up is fun as you can really tailor your army your way, and if you like the hobby you will acquire, well lets just say "enough :D" stuff to combat any foe. Price difference really comes down to whats out there, i've seen whole armies sell cheap but that's kind of a rarity.

Metal v Plastic: Plastic all the way, pretty much all you can find now-a-days aside from second hand sources. Plastic is easier to cut from sprues, clean, and assemble. Plastic is also more durable, in my experience, to drops off the table and normal wear and tear. If you are new to hobby modeling in general, stay away from resin at first, its hard to do right plus its highly toxic to inhale the dust.

As for forming coalition armies; in a word yes you can but there are rules to it. In 7th edition you can take a primary detachment and then bring an allied force. I would suggest sticking to a single army at first. But generally speaking, not all the models need to be painted the same color, just from the same Codex. I have a friend who plays Space Marines as well and has his marines painted from all manor of chapters(organized bands of battle brothers).

Quality from Games Workshop is really top notch, they have come a long way with their quality and their price reflects that. Breakage depends of the model and how it's treated. Infantry models are really durable as are most vehicles, just need to be careful with the thin bits.

A good starting point total i think is 1000 points, it allows you to field cool stuff, but still really think on how to build your army from your available models

Basic assembly of most of the Games Workshop range is fairly straight-forward, if you've built a model tank or airplane you can do this. Painting is as easy or as hard as you want to make it.

I know this is a lot of text but, my last thing is check out forums specifically for Warhammer 40k like bell of lost souls or dakka dakka both have great information. Also don't be afraid to ask any questions, we are here to help :)



Death to the False Emperor!

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I cannot really elaborate more on what @pnkfld7892 said, but even in the end if you do not get into the miniatures side of the game - the lore is incredible to read and creating campaign scenarios is also quite fun based off that :)



All hail the Omnissiah! 011011000111000100. I am really a mechanicus lover, so glad they have a mainstream GW army line now. What army(ies) do you play?



I have a 2000 point Thousand Sons Chaos Marine army :) but I haven't played in soooo long :(

Ive become more a fan of the lore rather than the actual game (probably due to time and money constraints haha)



I hope you have a ton of spare cash around for getting into 40k minatures.

It's probably easier just to find an online group and play with software

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I can say the same. I recently had to move and lost contact with a lot of my game group. The lore is absolutely fantastic. I love reading the novels, some of the best Sci-Fi written in a long time in my opinion.



Given my name and avatar is 40k related, its safe to say Ive been doing this a long time.

Your best bet in all honesty is to find either a GW or independent retailer and see if they have any auctions going on throughout the year.

For example, twice a year a local independent shop has an auction where people bring in their stuff and sell it as store credit to the highest bidder. It works for the players as they get to sell their stuff and the store gets guaranteed business since its store credit.

If you are selling and looking for cash its not such a hot deal.

But I use to do tournaments and whatnot, this might sound like bad advice to some but think about how many models you want to be moving and transporting as this is an inevitable part of the beast.

I love my Orks dearly but my god 150 of them every game was a pain.



I'm also interested in getting into 40k, I have only played the Dawn of War games, watch some Vaults of Terra videos, I really love the lore of it. Just how much does it cost you guys to even start playing this?



The Dawn of War series are really well done imo, moreso the first series not the 2nd iteration.

As for money, I would say at least $500 (USD). As mentioned adove I would try eBay as full retail price for models can quickly leave your wallet empty. The advantage with eBay is models are already assembled and youre generally not paying full retail for the army/models.

EDIT- Now that I think about it they have the starter sets that gives you two small armies to duke it out with to see how you like it.

I would strongly advise if there are independent or even GW stores nearby you that do auction style sales where everyone brings their stuff to the store and sells it. From my experience this is the best bang for the buck.

What army are you considering?



I can send you about 300 pounds worth of space wolves if you pay for shipping.



I'm considering either Ultramarines, Blood Ravens, Blood Angels, Raven Guard or Necrons. Sadly, GW don't have their shops in my country. But I have found out that there are board game shops that have people playing the game. I'm considering getting a bundle pack which consists of Space Wolves and Orks that cost about SGD $200 with rule book and codex inside. Maybe spend like $50 more for paints?

I don't have that much money with me so I'll have to wait for a while, this is a pretty heavy investment too.



If you decide to buy accesories dont buy GW modeling kits nor any GW branded crap, you will overpay. Buy regular dice, measures , acrylic paints like valejo or modelling tools ,good quality brushes etc avoid paying huge "brand" tax.



I found that out by paying a visit to the board game shop myself. GW has one of the highest brand tax I have ever seen. If only i can get my hands on the hex code of those GW Citadel paint so that I can buy those colour correctly.



I'm not sure if it is on the level of counterfeit cards (Magic, Pokemon, Yugioh, etc.), but my cousin got a 3D printer for Christmas and plans on printed pieces of the mech race. He has printed a ship.. looks pretty cool.



@ignx comment: This.

I use a regular white anb black primer from home dept that costs one dollar and it works really well. I have also used and can sign off on 'Warpaints' they try to match GW colors as closely as possible and do a pretty remarkable job. They are a little cheaper, not by much, but give you alot more product...from what I remember.



Does the shop allows such counterfeit pieces to be played though? You'll need really good printing + polishing to make it look as good as the real one.

With that said, I wish I can 3D print an Imperator class Titan that is not to scale and play it. Would be fun to see your opponent pissed to see that their squads are gone in just 1 turn.

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I have no clue about wh40k but I used to play WFB and it was allowed use conversions using original parts, but using resin recast figures was not allowed during tournaments,sometimes its allowed to use proxies (use something else to represent a missing model), It all depends if the tournament rules allow non GW figures, also most of the foundry products are for shows and unofficial . Also dont buy unique named heroes as army point fillers, they are cool but often not allowed to play because thye are op.It all depend with where and with who you are going to play. Hate GW, they killed Warhammer FB :(

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I'm visiting a local game shop for Warhammer 40k game. They sell generic space marine that comes with painting kit for SGD 20. Should I buy those to practice painting first before I start building an army?