Looking to get a new mouse

I'm looking for a cheapish (under or around £20 - 30 or $30 - 45 ) mouse for my laptop.

The sort of mouse which I’m looking for is something which is like the Mionix Naos which has the ergonomic support on both sides. I’m also not a fan of the small mice, since I find them annoying to use.

I don’t want something to fancy since I will be taking it out and about with my laptop.

If anyone has any ideas or advice into looking to buying a mouse would be very helpful.

Mionix Naos example

another example

A bit over the top but not to dear

Thanks in advanced

Personally I used the "Red E-3lue E-Blue Cobra II"

Has been running strong for me for the past 3 years. Its on the medium-large size type, not too small but not so large that its not portable either.

(I'm in the US but amazon UK has the same product luckily!)