Looking to buy a powerful laser

So recently I just had the the urge to buy a powerful laser to screw around with, I know I know I'm very mature, but any way I'm looking for a 2w or 1w blue laser if its more powerfuk then that I'm more then ok with that is around 430nm's or around that. I've looked on,one and the lowest was for a hundred dollars so I'm wondering if any one here happens to have one that meets what I want And Is willing to sell well maybe we can make a deal. If not then does anybody have any advice on where to buy or maybe how to make it by myself. if you have any advice on where to buy casings, diodes optics ect please feel free to share.

why not buy this? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k5idfQhYw6c even arnold likes it

I thought skynet used plasma based weaponry.

Where did you fing a >1W laser for $100? The cheapest I could find was from Arcticlaser.

You could always use a Bluray laser.


on this website.

This isn't $100 but i've always wanted one of these: https://www.wickedlasers.com/arctic

buy an xbox 360 laser, that will do dome real damage