Looking to buy a few coins

I'm looking to buy a few BTC asap, if anyone wants to sell to me, shoot me a message.

You should just buy them via Mt.Gox :|

Don't you ever mention that place here.

I have horror stories from the early days of bitcoin with them.

Well, then, use BTC-E.

I know how to buy bitcoins, I just didn't want to go through the effort of digging up my gpg key and going on bitcoin-otc.

That's why I'm looking here.

I need bitecoins but only 0.264 BTC plus i would like to pay for them via Bank Transfere , The UK have put so many sites on this blacklist not just porn but anything that sounds like porn , I might as well carry on paying my VPN "but guess what" Pay Pal have stopped servicing them. So i need a simple step by step on buying and sending them to the VPN 


Sorry for any spelling & grammer mistakes