Looking into getting an amd graphics card

have been looking at AMD graphics cards with my friend and have been looking around at videos with benchmarks. I am very suprised of the price and not saying that i am hating on nivdia but they really do need to lower their prices. my friend said to me one day what is it that we pay for nivdia products i Just told him we are paying for cuda which is what i have seen all over forums. I personally am going to get a raideon 7970 due to the fact i have just built my own personal system with are core i5-3450 yes yes i know slow chip i plan on upgrading and also a maximus v formula atm i just bought some partriot memory 8 gb and i believe its at 1866 mhz. atm i have a gtx 550ti. my friend had a pretty resonable system some gateaway little computer ( i have tought him everything i know) he has a 2600 an acer mother board and no he doesnt plan on upgrading that and some weird ram i believe he has like a gt480 he tells me it coil wines like crazy but he did buy a new power supply as well as a better case. he plans on upgrading to a 7770 but i have been telling him he should get a 7870 he mostly plays skyrim idk what resolution his monitor is oh but mine is 1080p. i plan on playing the latest games and i was also wondering if its worth buying now r witing for the 8000 series to come out?? thank you very much guys

Very good article in reference to the 7870 - long but very solid. 



Your best option would be to just get a 7970 right now, as the 8000 series is still probably a month or two away, and they will be much more expensive. As for your friend, what is his GPU budget? If he's got around 220$ to spend, a 7870 is the way to go. 

Well, the 8000 series is still a bit away, and probably going to cost a premium. A 7870 will eat up Skyrim, even heavily modded. Logan got 70FPS, max settings, and like a bagillion mods installed, including the hi-res texture pack at 1080.

Personally, I'd buy now. I'm not sure what the next generation of GPU's is going to offer besides a performance boost. No major DX or OpenGL that I know of, and given that the 8000 series is still using the GCN architecture (granted it's updated and dubbed GCN2), I'm not sure how much of a performance boost you're going to get, and better yet, how much you're going to need since games aren't really pushing the high end single GPU cards unless you add more monitors/resolution.

my friend is around you know what i am not sure but if this card will eat up skyrim will this mean that the 7770 will as well and thank you for the quick responses

No, a 7770 will not eat up Skyrim. It'll play it (maybe not all that well), but a 7870 will play it perfectly (I have one, and I play lots of Skyrim).

I've never actually used a 7770, though. I just went by Passmark, which lists the 7770 at about half the power of a 7870. I'd take that with a barrel of salt. They also list a 580 equal to a 7970 and higher than a 690. I figure it's a bit more reliable when comparing within one architecture, it's at least in the ballpark.

well thank you very much i sure tell my friend any other things i need to know about amd before i go out and buy a card

well hes very worried about the price he has a 2600 cpu if he gets a 7770 will that bottleneck his cpu or will he be able to run skyrim on ultra his resolution 1680 by 1050 yes he does not run at full 1080p or even 720 but he is happy with what he has

7770 will most probably bottleneck as it's not a very powerful card, its not a case of the CPU being bottlenecked by the GPU its just the GPU being under powered. So if you can get it go for a 7870.

Also I don't blame your mate for using a 1680x1050 screen. Only reason I switched to 1080 displays is due to my 1050 blowing up :P


if your friend dosen't mind spending a little bit more, he can get a 7950. http://www.amazon.com/dp/B006O714G2/?tag=pcpapi-20

ok,guys, shut the hell up about the 8000's. they are OEM only, and are simply a rebrand of the 7000's

I would wait for 8xxx series look at the 8950 or 8970

CommistarThats not accurate at all please dont go spouting incorrect info <3




alright but really its probably the same chip for the 8000 series so not worth waiting

how about a 7850 for my friend 7870's are kinda expensive for him

not from articles i've seen.... I could be wrong tho