Looking Glass studders / micro freeze only when mouse is moved

I have looking glass working working but if I move the mouse the screen locks up for a split second. Happens every 5 seconds that the mouse is being moved.

If I’m not touching the mouse and have a video or a game running it does not happen.

Lol had to create an account for this. I spent 2 whole days puzzling over this, reinstalled windows 3 times now.

At first I thought the VM was slow, then I realised it stutters when mouse moved and then to be more specific I realised it only stuttered when the cursor changed e.g. pointer to resizer etc.

After some googling I found some solutions however the only one that worked for me was to add mouse trailing(weird I know) and because trailing is annoying, set it to short. If I find a better solution I’ll update this.

This is the weirdest fix I’ve ever encountered. If anyone has an idea why this happens or why this fixes it please do tell.

Update: My VM was intermittently crashing and I used commands
echo "options kvm ignore_msrs=1" > /etc/modprobe.d/kvm.conf
<ioapic driver='kvm'/>
into virsh edit and that it fixed it also so no more cursor trails.

Is the polling rate for the mouse too high? I know this is a problem in Wine currently where 1000hz polling mice cause wild swings in CPU usage when you move the cursor really fast.