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Looking Glass FPS Halfed

Hello, im running arch (host) with kvm qemu libvirt vfio iommu and all that good stuff for GPU Passthrough

im running CSGO on my windows guest around 400fps
when i attach the looking glass client from my host to the guest
the fps goes down to like 100-140fps
and it feels really slugish and stuttery

if anyone has a hint why this happens or if this is normal
that would be much appreciated
edit : might this be related to vsync ?

system info
32gb ram 3200
16gb ram used by guest
guest GPU 1070
cpu i9 9900k 4,8ghz
host GPU Intel HD Graphics provided by the CPU

software info:
im running xorg
i have mesa drivers installed for intel hd
guest is on latest nvidia drivers also virtio drivers and spice drivers are installed

looking glass info output:

    ~  looking-glass-client -k -s ALL                                                                                                                                        07:55 18.09.20 
[W]             option.c:288  | option_parse                   | Ignored invalid argument: ALL
[I]               main.c:996  | run                            | Looking Glass (B1-rc6-5-g8ad2d5f949+1)
[I]               main.c:997  | run                            | Locking Method: Atomic
[W]               main.c:1031 | run                            | ================================================================================
[W]               main.c:1032 | run                            | WARNING: The FPS display causes microstutters, this is a known issue
[W]               main.c:1033 | run                            | ================================================================================
[I]                egl.c:187  | egl_initialize                 | Double buffering is on
[I]                egl.c:201  | egl_initialize                 | Multsampling enabled, max samples: 4
[I]               main.c:902  | try_renderer                   | Using Renderer: EGL
[I]               main.c:1183 | run                            | Using Clipboard: X11
[I]               main.c:1259 | run                            | Waiting for host to signal it's ready...
[I]                egl.c:447  | egl_render_startup             | Vendor  : Intel
[I]                egl.c:448  | egl_render_startup             | Renderer: Mesa Intel(R) UHD Graphics 630 (CFL GT2)
[I]                egl.c:449  | egl_render_startup             | Version : OpenGL ES 3.2 Mesa 20.1.7
[I]               main.c:1268 | run                            | Host ready, starting session

Why then do you care about LG if you feel that you need to run 400fps for “low latency”?

Yup because your PC is now doing more

Anyway, B1-rc6-5-g8ad2d5f949+1

Update to B2-RC4

Csgo was just an example
it’s not the only game i play
but i guess you have a point

alright i’ll update

No worries, just making sure you’re aware that while LG is trying to be as low latency as possible and in some case it is even lower latency then the GPUs native monitor output, it’s never going to be perfect due to other things running on your system as it’s not a dedicated hardware solution.

B2-rc4 had a very important update that improves performance enormously when running without vsync enabled, so it should help you quite a bit in this circumtance, but don’t expect your FPS to remain at 400fps.


i got it working now without loss in fps
how i solved it i had my video graphics set to virtio
i changed it to qxl and then i disabled the display driver (used for the vm window spice) in the hardware manager now all is working smooth fps steady around 280 - 350 fps

loving looking glass thank you for all your hard work

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