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Looking Glass B2 RC4 no makefile

So, I was going to use the choclatey build, but it seems to be the newest version from the github, however, using the make instruction on the github source file, I done get a makefile after cmake, any help I could get with that? @gnif Not sure if you know what that’s about. I’m on arch (manjaro). Not seeing any errors in the cmake log.

I moved this to a new topic because Gnif prefers to organize it that way.

So, I assuming that you are trying to build the client, specifically the Beta 2 RC 4 client?

Here are the official build instructions for the client.


  1. Install dependencies
  2. Download and extract the source code archive.
  3. Run cmake and make
  4. Run the client.

Let me know if you still have issues after following those directions.

I started with those instructions, and I will try again form the beginning and let you know. I did pull from the github directly, rather than downloading through the terminal. I’ll see if that changes things.
Because the logs showed no errors with the output, just no makefile in the build folder.

Thank you, it was the pull form github rather than the site directly that did it, thought they were the same source file.

Glad that you got it sorted.

So, though it built, had the same problem. The host on chocolatey is the B2-rc4-0-g969effedde version, but the only way to get that version is straight from the github, all the other ones from the download page or the AUR are version B2-rc4-10-g7d2b39058c+1. So the client says theres a mismatch and wont start.

The source code archive available on the download page for B2 RC4 is version B2-rc4-0-g969effedde, which is the same version as the windows host build available there, and also on Chocolatey.

nvm…that was all pebkac…everything is working…kinda…it says it running, just not seeing the window popping up. But I can figure that out myself, thank you again!

One last question for you if you know, and feel free to kick this out to another topic if need be. I could never get B1 to capture any monitor but the main one (I actually opened a topic and talked to gnif about it last year).

Now, I am trying to do it with the new B2-rc4, since all my other issues with LG seem to have been solved with the new update. However, it doesnt seem like the option commands are doing anything half the time.

Is there a new trick to getting the secondary screen captured rather than the primary with the new beta?

I’m attempting .\looking-glass-host.exe dxgi:adapter=0 dxgi:output=1
with mainly error or ignored responses.

Thanks for any help you can provide!

There is no support for extra monitors at this time.

wrong thread sorry

I’m not sure, sorry.

Okay, thanks! I’ll play around for a bit more and see what I can find out.

I know we’re keeping you busy out here @gnif, but thanks for the hard work!