Looking for Watercooling flow meters that support pastel coolants

Currently, I’m running a MPS 400, but I’ve killed the meter over time by running pastel coolant. Apparently, the larger particles clog up the sensors.

I know I don’t really need a flow meter, but prefer it for making sure I hit 1 gpm. Plus it helps with making the system as quiet as possible.

Does anyone know of any flow meters that won’t break overtime from pastel coolant, while adding minimal additional restriction to the loop?

flow meters will break over time regardless. just like your pump will fail over time. its one of those components that just has to be replaced every now and then. find one for a price that you like that fits your build and go with it. or the cheapest thing you can find that does not look god awful will work as well.

I guess the pastel coolant just kills it faster. The type, I believe with an impeller, the spinny thing, works better with pastel. Only issue is it might click at a high flow rate. Though, I have no idea what is considered a high rate of flow.

$100 every 2 to 3 years wouldn’t be bad for replacing these in a dual loop system.

high flow rate is 1.5-2+ GPM