Looking for USB-C to NIC or Enclosure for PCIE Card

I am a IT Services Engineer and I setup multi-gigabit and/or 10+ Gb switches frequently.

Unfortunately, they do not sell laptops with SFP28 ports. I know first world problem.

I have 20 Gb USB-C ports and for the life of me I can not find a USB-C to 10Gb SFP+ or BaseT NIC. They seem to be limited to Thunderbolt devices, which I do not have.

I am just looking to have something in my bag to plug in at over 1Gb, it would be nice if it supported 2.5/5 and 10Gb but I would be happy with just 10Gb.

Am I the only person looking for this type of device?

If I am not and you have recommendations please share them.

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Interessting, just out of curiosity I tried to find something… but all those with 10 GbE are Thunderbolt 3. looks a bit like USB 3.x 10/20Gbit/s isn’t a thing yet… at least for these devices…

I could find some 2.5 GBase-T and 5 GBase-T USB devices, at least faster then 1000 Mbit/s I think, but not the thing you asked for…

I’m not aware of any 10GbE USB 3.2 adapters on the market either. 5GbE is the fastest I’ve seen but performance and reliability are lackluster across all the brands. Patrick at STH reviewed a few of them and did a good job explaining why they all suck. If you’re in the market for a 5GbE adapter I’d suggest watching his video first.

2.5 and 5 Gbit USB NICs can be had for cheap, STH did a good review on some units mentioned above.

For 10G, it’s all fancy Thunderbolt content creator premium stuff. I didn’t find any USB NICs with 10G and the very few Thunderbolt ones were too expensive to justify the cost over 5Gbit. 10GbE is still not relevant for the masses and USB NICs aren’t that popular in the first place (why cable, I have WIFI! or you got RJ45 jack on your dock)