Looking for the right KVM

So I’ve been looking for a bit and there seems to be a lot of options but I’m not sure if they will work so I’m asking for some help. Basically I already my desktop PC setup with 3 monitors. I’m looking for a KVM that I can plug in with just USB C and switch the three monitors over to that laptop when I use it at the desk. Any help is appreciated.

Honestly not sure if this would work but USB-C to 4 port USB C hub with 1 going to USB on KVM for keyboard/mouse and 3 usbc to DP adapters?
Then just regular 3 DP KVM

that’s kind of what I was thinking while looking around. All it has is the USBC and then HDMI. Got a new desk with some more room so I thought it would be nice if it was possible.

Can your laptop run 4 displays (Not sure if you are using the screen too)

I would probably try more cables then off the 1 hub if possible to reduce bandwith issues
So maybe 1 HDMI to DP then rest USB to DP if the ports support that

@Level1_Amber is our resident KVM guru, she should be able to tell you if any of the newer KVMs Level1 offers are suitable for your needs. Honestly not all that sure about this use case.

FWIW, I used to have a setup with the 2-monitor KVM where I used a DP stream splitter to power 2 1080p monitors and 1 4k, the 4k was wired direct to the KVM, then the 2x 1080p displays went through the stream splitter before going to the KVM. This setup worked well, back in 2018, so depending on the resolution/refresh rate of your monitors, it might be a good option.

Hope this helps!

Hi thank you for reaching out, I moved your post to the store → product inquiries tab.

Using a KVM will require more than just a single USBC. Also, you’re not going to get 3 monitors working with 1 USBC from the laptop → KVM → monitors

Any way you go about this will be expensive by nature of the product.

You could use a dock with the KVM, that way it would only be 1 USBC from your laptop, then more cables after.

Option 1: (KVM & Dock)

2 PC, 3 Monitor KVM:

and a dock, something like this:

^ If you get this dock you will need to convert 1 of those HDMI to DisplayPort for the KVM.

Option 2: (KVM & No Dock)

Get the 2 PC, 3 Monitor KVM:

Buy 3x of these:

Option 3: (USB-C Combo KVM)

Combo KVM:

2x Moshi Cables:

Then, does your PC have a USB-C display out? If not:

Awesome! I got a lot to think about now.