Looking for the perfect Korean Monitor

Hi, This is my first post and I am looking for the perfect korean monitor. I want one that is 1440p and is more than 24 inches. I will be using it for gaming and I would like it to have a vesa mount. I do not want glossy.

There's no glass so the glossyness isn't too bad, but it's probably the best korean 1440p monitor you can buy, unless you want overclocking, or more ports.

Ok, what seller should I buy this from andd what is the price for a new one since I cant see it on amazon. If it is more than 300 than I can't get it since I am on a budget.

It costs like 200, whaddayamean you can't see it on amazon?

It is refurbished

Yes, they all basically are, they're panels that didn't meet the standards of bigger companies that they get on the cheap.

so does that mean that crossovers and catleaps are "refurbished too"

They're all using panels that didn't meet the standards of other companies, mine came in and was perfect.

I'm sure they build the housing themselves, but the panels aren't guaranteed to be perfect.

Are there any other monitors you would suggest?

Like I said, that would probably be the one to get, it cost the least, unless you want overclocking or more ports

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ok thanks for your help

You buy them because they're cheap, not necessarily because they're the best performing.

If you want like the best 1440p panels they're like 500 bucks, but those will be IPS 144hz, and guaranteed to come with no dead pixels.

Sir NCX has a good overview (and very technical video) on the best 1440p monitors here: http://wecravegamestoo.com/forums/monitor-reviews-discussion/15027-best-27-2560x1440p-monitors-ahva-ips-pls.html

He also has some of the overclockable Korean monitors on his list.

Can anybody else help me either find a good seller on ebay that doesnt say it is used because my parents dont allow buying used stuff. So can someone find a shimian that at least doesnt say it is used/refurbished?