Looking for the most silent 60mm fan

Hey there, can anyone recommend me a slim and silent 60mm fan to use in a Meanwell LED power supply? It should work at 12V with a simple 2-pin connector. I looked at Noctua's offerings but it seems they don't offer anything slimmer than 2cm.

Anyone? It's a simple 60mm fan, come on.

60mm is pretty uncommon in PCs, You could try some forums for embedded electronics since they use smaller enclosures. Personally I would go on ebay and order 3-5 different ones and take the one that is the quietest. They are like 3-4 $ each, hardly ruinous.

Noctua NF-A6x25 FLX - NF-A6x25 FLX Fan - 60mm


fk, just read the slimmer than 2cm part.

look at laptop coolers on ebay, pinch the fans out of those, they work on 5v usb etc.

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Didn't expect noctua to have 60mm fans. Crikey.


here you go.

also, replacement gpu fans on alibaba/evilbay/amazon are good too, i use them for cooling routers..

Nice, thanks. Most of those seems rated at 25-30Dba which seems worse, or as loud as the current fan though. Maybe i really should be looking at gpu fans.

Edit: Just noticed some of them are under 24, i think these should do it!

I also mentioned they should work off 12V :P Nvm thanks anyway.