Looking for Suggestions for Virtualizing Desktop

The place i freelance looking for virtual desktop environment and will be moving away from workstations. they’ve 5 people working there and will be expanding to 10 by 2022. Any hardware suggestions? where to source the hardware and all that?

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I’m also interested in having a virtual desktop setup. What exactly are your requirements/priorities? Security? Cost effectiveness? Increase remote-ability of the resources?

Also, what are the per-desktop spec requirements? My motivation for virtual desktops is over-provisioning CPU power. Compile times at my last internship took over an hour, and I wouldn’t wish that experience on anybody.

Hey! This sounds very exciting and potentially really cool! Are you looking to go with some type of cloud/non hosted option, or were you thinking more local/private cloud build out style? In another way, are you looking to DIY and build this out yourself? There is lots of great information out there on this topic though! Very common in the larger enterprise market. If GPU acceleration (Gaming or 3D/CAD) is not a requirement then going for a MS Terminal Server is probably the easiest way of accomplishing the goal you outlined. Just ensure you buy the best servers you can for your given budget. I would need some more specifics as to what you are specifically doing in order to give better recommendations on chassis. Hope this helps! Wishing you the best on this project.

i think current setup is like quad core intel 6th cpu and 8 gigs of ram. they are looking for cost effective sollution though. Access is limited to inside the internal network only.

Goal is for Local Solutions only. They don’t care wether it’s a appliance or DIY. They just want it to work. No CAD rendering jobs. for rendaring they have a quadro pc and offloading the work to it.

for current setup they of quad core 6th gen intel cpus and 8 gigs of ram. as per the info i’ve they are all off the shelf workstations from Dell and Lenovo.

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I’m going with Dell 7525

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Hey Sorry for the delays, thats a starting point for with this project! Wishing you the best on the journey ahead!

My (I work for) company went remote last march. For most we just installed Splashtop on their existing desktop. For new employees we are going virtual. We had an existing virtual environment with Proxmox that was used for databases, web serving, and windows VM’s that were RDP into locally for product testing. These are just some R620’s with 192gb ram, and E5-2690 processors. Keeping things low cost and consistent for the users we put Splashtop on the VM’s. This works for most all work loads that are typical for an office environment. Where things get less optimal is if the user is doing anything graphically intensive. The VM’s lacking a GPU have a really hard time compressing the stream on two virtual monitors. I am experimenting with passing through some low end firepro cards (w2100) for more demanding users. I we also have some new-ish servers on the way that have better single thread performance, and I am interested to see how that improves the experience.


Oh man nice!! That’s a very exciting development on this and the build out. Really curious to hear how it goes in the near future as y’all continue to use it. Best of luck and congratulation on the implementation.

Good to here. we’ve purchased old r710 and unraided it. added single VM with shared storage. added multiple users. all those users will be working on 2D cad. so far no issues. R7525 is still not shipped yet. we are planning to migrate 710 to 7525 as soon as those arrive. BTW added used quadro k6000 for graphic compute

Small update: The new (to us) servers came in. I have not had a chance to test with graphics cards in production, but the testing env ones are great. The GPU dramatically lowers CPU utilization by splashtop. The new servers are R630s with E5-2680 v4, these have the best bang for the buck single thread perf I could get at the time. Those processors have made a huge difference in user experience. I over subscribe the cpu and ram all windows vm get 10 cores and 16gb.

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